Android App Captures Image of Smartphone Thieves

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Want to confront the sumbitch who stole your smartphone while you were in the library washroom? Well, there’s an app for that.

Lookout Mobile Security is an application for Android that does a bunch of stuff, from scanning other apps for malware to keeping the personal information stored on your smartphone safe from prying eyes.

Now, the app has a new feature called Lock Cam.

Any Android phone equipped with the app can use the Look Cam feature to take a picture after three unsuccessful attempts to access the phone.

But that’s not all. This Lock Cam tool can also record the location of the phone on the device’s built-in global positioning system and then email the information (including the photo) to your email account.

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The only drawback is that, to get the feature immediately, you’ll have to pay for a premium Lookout subscription. However, Lookout has said that the tool will eventually be available at no charge to anyone with a free Lookout subscription.

If you eventually decide to sign up for a premium Lookout subscription, you’ll also get access to a Lock Screen tool, which allows you to leave a 300-character message on your – you guessed it – lock screen. In an ideal situation, you use those 300 characters to tell a good Samaritan where they can return your lost phone. Or you tell them to go to hell.

As for the Lock Cam feature, the hipstery video seen below will, in an exceptionally simplistic way, help you understand how it all works.

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