This Genius Created an Amazon Product Page for a Resume And It’s So Rad

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Philippe Dubost, a web product manager from Paris, is unemployed. But he won’t be for long. Dubost is about to get himself a great job. How do I know that? The dude put together perhaps the best web resume of all time. Soon, he’ll get to choose his desired employer.

Dubost modeled his web resume after an Amazon product page and he really pulled out all the stops, making sure to include all the little elements you’d expect to see when shopping for whatever crap you want to buy without getting off your ass. You can add him to your cart (which brings up a contact page), read his product details (education and skills) and even check out reviews about him.

Here’s a screenshot of the website/resume, but you should really head over to the site,, to check out the real deal (and play with all the cool functionality):

(click to enlarge)

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So rad, right?

I especially like a few of the small details, like how you can’t add Dubost to your wedding registry and how the “frequently bought together” section includes running shoes and plane tickets.

The only part that puzzled me at first was why Dubost would have included so many one-star reviews of himself, but I asked him about it and he had the perfect explanation:

Web companies of the world — or of France, at least — hire this guy!

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