Twitter Shows Off Vine, a 6-Second Video Sharing Service

Photo credit: Vine

This morning, Twitter official unveiled its newest service on its official blog. It’s called Vine.

Vine is described as a new way for Twitter users to “share short and looping videos” with their followers. It was teased yesterday in a tweet posted by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. The tweet included a six-second in during which Costolo demonstrated, roughly, how to make steak tartare:

Vine videos are limited to only six seconds, which certainly fits within the Twitter model of limited users to only 140 characters of text, though it’s easy to imagine that the six-second limitation will become really annoying when users are trying to get across more elaborate ideas.

In the blog post unveiling Vine, Twitter posted a few examples:

One thing that’s pretty annoying about Vine is that there doesn’t appear to be any way to pause or stop a video once it starts playing. You just see (and, more annoyingly, hear) the same short clip over and over again.

It’s unclear exactly how the app will function. It was reportedly in development last year and was set for an independent launch, before Twitter purchased it.

The Vine app is currently available for free download on the App Store.

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