The Man Flu: It’s Real and it Sucks

man flu exists

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Women love to insist that men have it so easy.

Men don’t have to shave their legs, they say. Men don’t have to struggle against decades of patriarchal hegemony, they say. Men don’t have to push a living, squirming human infant through narrow, sensitive anatomical channels, they say.

True, all true.

But we men finally have a scientifically proven retort: we suffer the flu way, way worse.

Take that, ladies.

The so-called Man Flu — a miserable male-only ailment that has long been rumored, but never proven, to exist — is evidently a real thing.

A British neuroscientist (a female one at that!) says men have more temperature receptors in their manly brains, which makes them more susceptible to the agony of a fever and other flu-related symptoms.


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Although little boys and girls experience flu symptoms in similar ways, something happens during puberty that makes male brains more likely to suffer from illness (and much more likely to appreciate the artistic merits of professional wrestling).

It all happens in the hypothalamus, near the front of the noggin and attached to the pituitary gland, which is also responsible for making your voice crack when asking a girl to the prom.

Previous studies have suggested that the Man Flu is a real thing, but the results obtained from genetically modified mice were generally regarded as inconclusive (presumably because mice can’t make self-pitying Facebook status updates).

According to Dr. Amanda Ellison, who published the new research in her latest book, “men have more temperature receptors because that area of the brain is bigger in men than women.”

See that, ladies?

Booyah. Our big brains make us suffer more than you!

Except for that whole childbirth thing — you can keep that.

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