Is It Okay to Hate on Nerdy Girls Who Probably Aren’t Real Nerds? (PHOTOS)

In a recent episode of Portlandia, a self-proclaimed “actual nerd” named Brian P. decried the recent trend of fake nerdiness among attractive females. As Brian says, “a sexy girl who went and saw a second-week screening of The Avengers is not a nerd — a real nerd is ashamed to be called a nerd.” The whole thing was pretty great:

Brian’s words were spot-on, but it remains to be seen whether it will stem the tide of models dressed as nerds flooding pop culture these days. In many ways, it’s a perfect collision of supply and demand. There’s no shortage of nerdy dudes sitting alone at home, eager to look at photos of hot women with similar interests. There’s no shortage of women looking for attention and validation based on their physical appearance. Both sides pander to the other.

It’s weird, though. The very guys who sit at home dreaming of meeting a woman they can play video games with — the guys who these fake nerd models are targeting — are usually the same guys who eventually flip-flop and lash out at what they perceive as fake nerdery, like it’s some kind of affront to their choice of lifestyle. Heck, there’s a whole meme, Idiot Nerd Girl, based around this phenomenon.

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So, what’s going on here?

It’s a battle between the sexual urges of the nerd males and their intense desire for authenticity — something that’s always been a part of nerd culture.

There’s no question that it’s definitely a douche move to mock real-life females who are dabbling in nerdery for legitimate reasons. Geek girl blog The Mary-Sue has a really good take on this that you should read. The TL;DR version is that nerds shouldn’t be bullying those who self-identify as nerds, because nerds of all people should know how much that hurts.

Girls dabbling in the nerdier side of culture, like comic book movies and video games, shouldn’t be chastised just because they aren’t yet experts on every detail of Avengers canon — they should be welcomed with open arms. YouTube channel ActionPts also has a good take in a video called “You’re Not such a Nerd: Commodification of Nerd and Gamer Sub-culture.”

Still, I think it’s fair to hate on the people who are deliberately faking their nerdery for commercial gain. I’m talking about the models and photographers who target the nerd niche for commercial gain, whether they’re professionals or just regular women out for attention.

It’s these fake nerds you’ll see in our list below.

She’s console-agnostic

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Really? You love video games so much that you need to holster a PS3 controller while you’re playing Xbox games? No one in the world does that.

Incredible Hulk panties

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Admit it — you don’t know the back story of Bruce Banner, do you? You just think your ass looks good with a big green guy on it. To be fair, it does.

Psst… You’re holding the blades

Photo credit: Suicide Girls

The meme text on this one pretty much says it all.

Give me a goddamn break already

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There’s no f’ing chance Rihanna’s on Xbox Live pwning noobs in her free time.

You’ll get better results if you don’t eat it

Here’s a real gamer girl teaching with an important lesson for all the fakes out there:

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At least controllers are wireless now, eliminating the risk of electrocution.

No. Just… no.

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It’s right there in the foreground! Did you think we wouldn’t notice?

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  1. All very good points. But despite being a huge Portlandia fan, this one skit bugged me because not all nerds are ashamed to be called one. Some of us embrace it and are proud of it. Speak for yourself, nerd 🙂

  2. If it all it takes now to be a nerd is to be a video game player, then a lot of beautiful girls are nerds. The term itself does seem overused these days.

  3. I’m offended, and this is a nerd.

  4. Drogan Durmanier says:

    labels, lables, labias

  5. To be honest, the one with the lancer really doesn’t bother me. It was probably a mistake.