Watch Two Brave Men Experience The Pain of Childbirth Via Electric Shocks (VIDEO)

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Women say that giving birth is the worst pain in the world. Men often counter by pointing out that women have no idea how excruciating it is to get kicked in the balls, so how can they say for sure that their own pain is worse? (Those men are then frequently kicked in the balls — with complete justification — by the hardened women whose pain tolerance they just questioned). The point is that neither sex can ever truly experience the pain of the other, so it creates a bit of a stalemate.

Until now, that is.

Two TV hosts from the Netherlands recently got to experience the pain of childbirth. No, science hasn’t advanced to the point where men can get pregnant (that’s still the domain of fictional characters, like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Junior). It has advanced to the point where we can hook up a bunch of electrodes to two dudes’ bellies and shock the crap out of them, though.

The electric shocks were to simulate the pain of contractions. This is how it all went down:

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The men described the pain as the worst they’ve felt in their lives. One couldn’t take it and quit the experiment halfway through, but the other made it all the way until the end — two hours later — and “gave birth” to an adorable baby doll.

Afterwards, one of the hosts said he’s never going to get his wife pregnant, now that he knows the pain he’d be forcing on her.

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