Norwegian Cheese Truck Crash Creates Enormous Fondue Flambe

Cheese truck fire norway

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People in Norway are probably rummaging through their cutlery drawers in search of long-stemmed dipping forks right now.

In a wonderfully bizarre — but not totally unprecedented — traffic accident, a semi-truck hauling 27 tons of caramelized brown goat cheese caught fire and blocked a tunnel in northern Norway for six days.

Here’s the thing about caramelized brown goat cheese (a delicacy known as Brunost): it’s really delicious because it’s absolutely loaded with fat and sugar.

And here’s the thing about substances that are loaded with fat and sugar: they’re really, really flammable.

Norway cheese truck

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In fact, the truck might as well have been hauling gasoline instead of cheese, given how long and furiously and deliciously the fire raged.

An employee of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, who can’t be expected to know much about the flammability of cheese, was justifiably dumbfounded: “I didn’t know that brown cheese burns so well,” he said.

Nobody was injured in the accident, which is lucky given the heat and ferocity of a 27-ton Brunel flambe.

The crash could have long-term deleterious health effects, however, depending on how many Norwegians turbo-boost their cholesterol levels in the ensuing scavenging frenzy.

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