Titus Young Twitter Rant Proves He Has No Idea What the Word ‘Selfish’ Means

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The Detroit Lions suspended receiver Titus Young midway though the 2012 NFL season, after rumors surfaced that Young had intentionally ignored the instructions of his coaches and quarterback and lined up in the wrong place on the field. That’s just about the biggest no-no you can pull as a professional football player. Teams will tolerate their players doing drugs, getting into bar fights and even beating their wives. But when a player intentionally doesn’t perform his assigned task on the field? That’s a one-way ticket out of the league.

Today, Young took to Twitter to try to explain his side of the story. The only problem? It turns out he’s a complete idiot and he just made everything worse.

Here’s what he had to say:

Um… Titus, are you sure you know what the word “selfish” means? Because threatening to quit football just because you don’t get the ball thrown to you on every single play is pretty much the most selfish thing a player can do.

You see, professional football has this thing called “plays.” Plays are the way that an offense moves the football down the field. Are you following? I realize this is rudimentary stuff, but I’m not really sure you comprehend it.

On any given “play,” the wide receivers will run to different places on the field — this is called running routes. Then, the quarterback will throw the football (that brown egg-shaped thing) to one of those receivers. Got it? You sure?

Some of those receivers, inevitably, will be used as decoys on certain plays. That means they won’t get the ball thrown to them. But if all the receivers “put [themselves] where the ball was going,” as you say, then the plays wouldn’t really work, now would they?

Also, did you just space out on the fact that the other starting wide receiver on the Lions is Calvin Motherf**king Johnson? The man also known as the most physically dominant wideout to ever play the game — the man (beast is probably more accurate) who just broke the record for most receiving yards in a single season. When you’re on the same team as a player the quality of Johnson, it’s probably a safe bet that some passes are going to be thrown his way.

That’s probably no concern for you now, though. You’re done as a Lion and quite possibly as an NFL player. Enjoy your next career as a burger flipper. Just don’t let those selfish fryer guys hog all the glory.

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