People Are Awesome, But Sometimes Fake (VIDEO)

Photo via Hadoukentheband on YouTube

YouTube user Hadoukentheband posted a video called PEOPLE ARE AWESOME in October, 2010. It was a compilation of incredible (and extremely dangerous) athletic stunts performed by human beings, set to techno music. The video currently has over 54 million views — and it’s definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it. It’s impossible to watch it and not feel like you can conquer the world.

Today, over two years later, the first real sequel (amid many imitators) has been posted. It’s called PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013 (obviously) and it picks right up there the original left off:

Pretty cool, right? Well… sort of.

It turns out that not all the clips in the video are real. There’s no evidence that Hadoukentheband is trying to trick anyone. Rather, it sounds like he (she? it?) simply fell for some convincing trickery that others posted to YouTube.

One clip in the video that definitely isn’t real is the man catching three footballs (including one between two other football) at 1:09. Common sense dictates that that is pretty much impossible to do. Indeed, it’s from a series of fantasy football commercials the NFL produced (some of which are much less believable than others).

So is the clip of the Tampa Bay Rays player turning around and catching an errant baseball with his bare hand (1:27). Again, proven fake.

The rest of the video seems to be real, though. And it’s still pretty awesome, as the name suggests.

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