How the Heck Do You Mess Up a Kate Upton + Car Wash Super Bowl Commercial? (VIDEO)

Photo credit: mbusa on YouTube

We’re less than two weeks away from Super Bowl XLVII, which means companies are starting to leak the commercials they produced for the big game. It’s no longer enough to pay millions of dollars for 30 seconds of America’s attention during the game — almost every commercial now gets “leaked” online ahead of time.

Today, we bring you the first such commercial. It features Kate Upton in Daisy Dukes and a cleavage-revealing top. It’s got a really expensive car getting washed. It’s got plenty of soap suds getting splashed around. It’s got a few football players, too (gotta tie it in to the Super Bowl, right?). Really, it sounds like the perfect formula for a Super Bowl ad — so how could such a thing possibly suck?

This is how:

Wait… Kate Upton doesn’t actually wash the car in this video? She just stands there, while a bunch of beefy men are the ones who get all wet? Huh? And then she says the most cliched line of all time? All the ingredients of a perfect commercial were there — how could the chef mess this meal up so badly?

Is it too late for the people at Mercedes-Benz to go back and totally rework this commercial? Maybe they can do it with CGI? Judging by the reaction on YouTube, it’s probably worth whatever it would cost to do so. People hate this commercial:

Photo credit: YouTube

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2 Responses to How the Heck Do You Mess Up a Kate Upton + Car Wash Super Bowl Commercial? (VIDEO)

  1. I think they were trying to be funny/clever. They know a million guys will want to watch a video of Kate washing a car and getting all wet. But women like Kate don’t do manual labor… they get dumb guys to do it for them. See? Funny!

  2. Haaaa haaa she’s a skank anyways and surprised she could actually keep clothes on. Get over jiggly only great cuz she has boobs. That gets old quick.