PS4 Controller to Include Wii U-Style LCD Screen, Biometrics Technology: Report

We’ve heard lots of rumors about possible Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 unveilings lately. But we haven’t heard much about what these consoles will actually be able to do. A new report seeks to change that.

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According to Internet publication CVG, a “senior games studio” source says the PS4 controller could feature some very advanced technology.

The source claims Sony’s own research and development department is busily testing several different controller designs — and that one set of schematics includes an LCD touchscreen similar to the Wii U’s controller.

The source also says such a controller would include biometric sensors built into the grips. The sensors would allow the console to detect a player’s body temperature, heart rate and physical motion. There’s no doubt such technology could be used to add unique gameplay elements to next-generation titles.

The CVG “inside” report has been backed by other gaming publications. In fact, Eurogamer says it has learned Sony has been testing a controller featuring LCD and biometrics technology for six months. This suggests Sony is seriously considering bringing such technology to the PlayStation 4.

Sony hasn’t officially commented on these rumors, though we should know more about the PS4 this March. Early reports indicate Sony plans to unveil the console sometime that month.

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6 Responses to PS4 Controller to Include Wii U-Style LCD Screen, Biometrics Technology: Report

  1. jajajaja

  2. The best ideas are borrowed or stolen, heaven knows Sony has been slow to change it’s main controller. Since it’s introduction in 1994 it has become wireless and had a gyroscope (six axis) added to it that developers don’t use. It is somewhat humorous to see a Playstation controller almost copying the Wii U Gamepad with some “additions”, how original. 🙂

  3. I suspect Sony is “testing” a lot of different controller ideas. I’m sure they will come to the same conclusion as everyone but Nintendo… it’s stupid and not a good route.

    However, nothing says they couldn’t sell something like this as an add-on. But why would you want bio-metric readings from something that doesn’t allow you to move around much? You need heart rate when you are working out, not when you are playing Madden 2015.

  4. Anybody else smell a Playstation Move? It might just be me.

    • That comment the video game president at Sony said in 2007 or 2008 that he thought motion controls were gimmicky and Sony is not going that route as they wanted to stick to real gaming… 18 months later they announced the Move, which quickly flopped… Didn’t the Vita flop as well??? Also the PS3 still hasn’t churned a profit yet….. Seems like Sony doesn’t know whats going on over there.