If This Guy Gets A Million Likes on Facebook, This Girl Will Have Sex With Him (PHOTO)

Photo credit: Petter Kverneng on Facebook

It’s definitely not the craziest idea a desperate guy has ever cooked up in order to convince a girl to have sex with him, but it’s definitely a long-shot.

At least, that’s what Norway’s Cathrine Johansen thought. She agreed to have sex with another Norwegian, a friend of hers named Petter Kverneng, if he could get one million likes on a Facebook photo of the two of them.

Now, it looks like he might actually hit that number. As of now, the Facebook post of the photo has over 900,000 likes — and it’s only been online for 17 hours. Oh boy, some super awkward sex between two 20-year-olds is going to be happening in the cold, dark north in the very near future.

How did Kverneng get so many likes? He enlisted the help of the 4chan army — and the /b/ board, in particular. Though the users of 4chan aren’t exactly fans of being asked for help, they clearly decided to make an exception in the case of helping a fellow /b/rother get laid.

“It was meant as a joke for our group of friends. I had guessed that we’d got a hundred ‘likes’ but now, we have half a million,” Kverneng told Verdalingen, a Norwegian newspaper.

He admits that their relationship has no romantic element to it: “Me and Cathrine are not romantically involved or anything like that. We know each other from high school and have never been more than friends.

Kudos to Kverneng for concocting the plan. Based on the photo above, he’s aiming way out of his league.

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