Here’s a Way to Waste $300: A White PlayStation 3

Even though rumors are swirling that it will unveil an entirely new PlayStation console sometime this spring, Sony still thinks it can milk gamers by releasing updated-but-basically-the-same versions of the six-year-old PlayStation 3.

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The Japanese company plans to release what it calls the Classic White PS3 Instant Game Collection Bundle (rolls off the tongue, no?) in North America on January 27, 2013.

The bundle includes an all-new and ultra-slim 500GB white (ooooh!) PlayStation 3 and a matching white controller.

The bundle also includes a one-year PlayStation Plus subscription, which gives gamers the chance to download games for free and, in some cases, before their wider release.

A PlayStation Plus subscription also gives gamers access to the PlayStation Network’s Instant Game Collection, a service that allows gamers to play 12 popular PlayStation 3 titles for free. Those games include Little Big Planet 2, Infamous 2, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and nine other games currently sitting in your local Wal-Mart’s bargain bin.

Several questions jump to mind.

1) Why does anyone need a white PlayStation 3? Isn’t black good enough for ya?

2) Who needs a 500GB hard drive for their video game console? My 120GB PlayStation 3 hard drive is nowhere near full.

3) Who wants to spend $300 on a PS3 when a PlayStation 4 is likely to hit the market in the next eight to 10 months?

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