The 10 Best Manti Te’o Memes (PHOTOS)

Sit back, relax, turn on a little mood music (topical mood music!) in the YouTube video above and enjoy our ten favorite memes about this crazy, messed-up Manti Te’o fiasco.

 10. Because everything has to be a meme these days, “Teo’oing” is now a thing:

Photo credit: @WCL_Shawn on Twitter

Photo credit: mikemaze3000 on Instagram

9. Leaked nude photo of Manti Te’o’s girlfriend:

Photo via Twitter

8. Alabama’s Eddie Lacy gives Manti Te’o a moment alone with his girlfriend:

Photo via Twitter

7. Manti Te’o does his best impression of Kip from Napoleon Dynamite:

Photo via

6. Conspiracy Keanu might be on to something:

Photo via

5. This explanation might actually make more sense than whatever the real explanation turns out to be:

Photo via

4. Manti Te’o takes this whole “forever alone” thing to a whole new level

Photo credit: intend on Reddit

3. Poor, poor Bad Luck Manti:

Photo credit: NiteRdr on Reddit

2. Manti doesn’t qualify to sign along, sadly:

Photo via

1. Still not the most depressing college football story of the past decade:

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