The Inevitable ‘Gremlins’ Remake Is About to Become Real

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Eventually, the movie industry will remake every movie ever released. Heck, it might happen before the end of this decade, judging by the pace of Hollywood (and its inexplicable willingness to remake movies no one ever asked to be remade).

Next up? It might just be Gremlins, the beloved 1984 horror comedy about trouble-making monsters that reproduce when they get wet. Steven Spielberg was the executive producer of the original and his Amblin Entertainment is said to be in talks with Warner Bros about the rights to a remake.

When you think about it, Gremlins is the perfect candidate for a remake. Modern CGI will allow for all kinds of cute, scary and realistic-looking gremlins — and the marketing tie-in possibilities are nearly endless.

For several years now, there have been talks about various studios’ interest in rebooting the franchise (there was a second, much lighter sequel released in 1990). Reportedly, Spielberg has been asking for too much money for the rights — and he’s been demanding some degree of creative control over the project.

Now, Vulture is reporting that a deal might finally be reached in the near future. Both sides better not allow negotiations to go down to the 11th hour, though — we all know what happens after midnight when gremlins are involved.

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