How to Buy a Fake Girlfriend for Less Than $40 a Week

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Lots of guys have told their friends tall tales about their super-hot Canadian girlfriend who they totally met on the Internet and totally went all the way with when they were up there visiting her, but no one can’t ever meet her because her parents are really strict and she isn’t allowed to travel or even make phone calls.

Yeah… no one fell for that.

There’s a new way to make people think you have a girlfriend, though. And it might actually work. Maybe. Probably not, but it still might be worth a shot if you’re desperate. And if you’re contemplating the creation of a fake girlfriend for any reason, desperate doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to descriptive words about you.

For just US$39.00, you can pay a someone in Brazil to interact with you on Facebook like she’s your girlfriend. Your friends will see her posting on your wall, liking your stuff and they will ask why your girlfriend’s English is so bad, totally exposing your lie totally be jealous of you.

This service is offered by the site Namoro is the Portuguese word for dating and fake is the English word for you’re a dumbass if you give this site any money.

For $39, someone in Brazil will create a fake Facebook profile (they claim the profiles are real, but there’s no way that’s true) for your fake girlfriend and post 10 comments on your wall. The catch is that this arrangement only lasts for seven days (that costs almost as much per week as a real girlfriend!). If any of your friends actually fall for it, you’ll have to keep shelling out more money.

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If you can’t justify spending $39.00, there’s always the $19 ex-girlfriend package — though it’s completely unclear why anyone would pay to have an ex-girlfriend post (presumably bitchy) comments on his Facebook wall.

For now, it looks like ladies and gay dudes are left out. The site doesn’t offer fake boyfriends, though that could change if the business takes off.

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