Arrested Wedgie Bandit Has a Record of Jackassery (VIDEOS)

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Wedgies are illegal, apparently.

Scratch that. Yanking your kid brother’s underpants so high that the waistband envelops his entire head is hilarious, and practically a requirement of being an older sibling.

But doing the same thing to random strangers on street is, it seems, frowned upon by the law.

Case in point: Florida police reportedly arrested a man yesterday for sneaking up behind people outside a Bradenton cinema and sharply hiking up their underthings.

The accused is not, as one might presume, a stark raving lunatic, but instead Charles Ross — a run-of-the-mill jackass who makes a habit of invading people’s personal space for laughs.

Ross has made a minor name for himself through his YouTube channel, on which he posts footage of himself performing unexpected, somewhat dickish acts to strangers.

While plenty of his pranks are juvenile and invasive (as the wedgie prank surely was), some of them are actually kind of funny and — believe it or not — even clever.

Surely his newfound notoriety for the wedgie attacks will do wonders for his YouTube following, for what that’s worth.

Here are a couple of his more entertaining pieces of jackassery.

I Trust You

Handstands Over People

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