Philadelphia Eagles Hire Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly, Finally

Photo via SB Nation

Less than a week after it was reported that he would return to Oregon, rebuffing additional offers from NFL franchises, Chip Kelly has reportedly agreed to take the head coaching job for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kelly will bring his innovative offensive philosophy to the Eagles, continuing the long tradition of the college game evolving and changing the game at the professional level. For those unfamiliar with American football, the college game came first. It was developed from rugby, which was most popular at northeastern universities.

It’s only appropriate that the next evolution of the NFL will come in the form of a hurry-up offense, the likes of which has never been run or seen at the professional level. Kelly’s offensive goal is to get a play off every 13 seconds. Will it work? It’ll work. We’re seeing similar sets work now with RGIII, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, and it did work in Denver with Tim Tebow. Will Kelly’s offense score as many points as it did at Oregon? No. Will it tire out defenses by the 4th quarter the way it did at Oregon? Absolutely.

Keep in mind that Kelly will have the opportunity to build through the draft. To get the biggest and fastest system players available from geographic regions that are inaccessible when you’re coaching in the PAC-12.

Bottom line, we know what Michael Vick will be doing next fall: starting for the Philadelphia Eagles. The current Eagles roster is near perfect for the system that is coming to town. LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin: this is the system they need to be playing in. It’s what they know, and what they should thrive in.

It’ll be quite exciting to see this game strategy at the NFL level. Will the Eagles fly or will it flop?

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