Orange Peanut! Bad Lip Reading Finally Does the NFL and It’s the Best (VIDEO)

Photo alteration: Manolith / Original photo credit: NFL

Now that election season’s over, the guy behind Bad Lip Reading (it’s just one guy) is freed up to take his incredibly unique and incredibly funny talent to other elements of pop culture beyond making the candidates look like maniacs.

This week, Bad Lip Reading takes on America’s favorite pastime (sorry, baseball, but you’re second-place, at best) — the NFL. The result is so, so good.

What a unique talent to have. Does the guy behind these video just slow down the original video, mute the sound and then try to guess what the players might have been saying? How much do you want to be he gets really high before he gets to work?

Whatever his process is, he’s damn good at it, always finding the perfect balance between almost-believable and completely absurd.

There are so many quotable lines in this one. A few of the best:

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh: “I want it now! I want cake now!”

Referee Clete Blakeman: “I went out with a girl this weekend and we just kept having a ball. Then, I come over to hang out after the game and it’s just… her floor is just beanbags. So that’s when I’m a jerk to her because I’m all, ‘Pick up your floorbags, you ain’t living in Southeast Asia.'”

Cowboys NT Josh Brent (who was recently charged with intoxication manslaughter for allegedly killing a teammate, by the way): “I encompass and I eclipse.”

Texans QB Matt Schaub: “The vet said ‘Dude,’ he said, ‘Your cat’s just pregnant.’ I said okay, so I won’t go and kick her.”

Broncos QB Peyton Manning: “I brought you a potion and it’s going to work great because it will make you run. You brought your potion, right?”

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson: “You’ve got an orange peanut? An orange peanut! For me? Oh, wow, an orange peanut. I accept you.”

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2 Responses to Orange Peanut! Bad Lip Reading Finally Does the NFL and It’s the Best (VIDEO)

  1. Its hilarious, I saw this recently. Wanna know how he’s doing it? Look closely at their mouths. He’s manipulating the corners to match his inserted dialogue. Very clever.

  2. I actually have a bet/competition with my girlfriend that one of us will propose to the other person…wait for it…in an Orange Peanut suit, ask them to marry them and the other person has to say, ” I accept you” lol It’s going to be epic and just down right ridiculous but so funny!