400 Dog Penises Confiscated in Taiwan

Photo via shutterstock.com

Government officials in Taiwan confiscated a reported 435 dog penises in a recent raid on an illegal animal slaughterhouse.

The dog penises were dried. Other internal organs, including dog testicles, were also reportedly seized. As many as 12 fresh dog corpses were also discovered in the raid.

So… WTF?

It’s not exactly clear why anyone would possess so many dog penises, dried or otherwise. Heck, it’s totally unclear why anyone would possess even a single dog penis. Media reports in Taiwan suggest that the organs could have been for use in the production of herbal wine. Some people believe that dog penises boost sexual potency in human males. Those people are idiots, of course.

Wine made from the penises of dogs, deer and seals
(Photo via awesomewasteofmoney.com)

Making this story even more disgusting is the fact that several live dogs were also discovered and some of them were wearing collars, indicating that they were previously pets. Yep, someone is stealing family pets in order to cut off their penises and brew wine.

The owner of the facility that was raided has previously been linked to selling dog meat for food — a practice that was commonplace in the past, but is now illegal in Taiwan. He faces a maximum sentence of one year behind bars and a fine of about US$34,500. He’ll get to keep his own penis, which seems unfair.

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