Code Blue, Code Blue! Microsoft Attempts to Revive Surface RT with Xbox Games

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet computer, which runs a trimmed-down version of Windows 8 called Windows RT, can now play a number of popular Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) games. It’s great news for the few people who actually bought a Surface RT after it launched late last year.

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The Surface RT is Microsoft’s very own (and very first) tablet computer. It launched in November to mild fanfare. To date, analysts estimate that Microsoft has sold only about 1 million units of the device.

That’s a pretty low sales total for a device that received a major marketing push from one of the world’s largest companies. Nevertheless, a Microsoft spokesperson recently said that the Redmond, Washington-based firm was “pleased with the strong customer reception of Surface and are excited to continue to grow the Surface family.”

That family will get a new addition in the next few weeks. Microsoft has announced that a “Pro” version of the Surface will be released soon. The Surface Pro will run a full-fledged version of Windows 8 and will boast much greater hardware specifications. It will also cost close to $1,000.

In the meantime, Microsoft is hoping to keep its Surface RT alive with a range of new XBLA games. Keep in mind that this lineup won’t include big-name Xbox 360 titles like Halo 4 or Gears of War 3.

Instead, the list of titles includes smaller, less-demanding titles like Microsoft Minesweeper, Reckless Riot 3D, Hydro Thunder Hurricane, Reckless Racing Ultimate, and Gunstringer: Dead Man Running.

The games come with a free trial. If they decide to purchase a game, players can compare their scores with others via leaderboards. Some of the games also feature multiplayer.

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