Grandpa Shoplifts Video Games to Prove a Point

grandfather steals video games

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Grandpas are generally awesome.

They fought in wars, they danced to the big bands, and they successfully kept your parents alive long enough for them to meet and create you.

And they don’t take crap from some snot-nosed twerp trying to screw them out of a hard-earned buck.

Take Irish grandpappy Eric Nolan, who stormed out of a Dublin HMV store with three video games in hand, determined to teach a lesson in integrity to his grandson Cian.

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Nolan had attempted to pay for the three games — Euro Truck Simulator 2, The Sims 3: Town Life, and Rail Simulator — with a €40 gift card he had purchased earlier.

When staff declined to honor the gift card, Nolan demonstrated the no-guff crustiness that only a grandfather — particularly an Irish grandfather, we’re guessing — can unfurl.

He stormed out of the store, refusing to slow his stride for the security guards that pursued him down a central Dublin street.

His assertion, which is almost certainly the correct one, is that he had already given his money to the store when he bought the gift card, and he was merely claiming what was rightfully his.

He intends to send €6.80 to the HMV to settle up for the small amount that the gift card wouldn’t have covered. The way he sees it, he’s just a grandpa who wanted to spoil his grandson a bit, not a criminal.

“We are a nation of sheep – but I was determined to win this,” he awesomely told the Irish Independent.

Good on ya, gramps!

It’s shocking that HMV refused to accept a gift card for the purchase, since the vouchers are intended to be as good as cash.

What’s perhaps even more shocking, though, is that the grandson actually wanted a pair of long-distance transport simulators.

Grandfather is clearly cooler than grandson.

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  1. Charlotte Hannah
    Charlotte Hannah says:

    “We are a nation of sheep.” — Grandpa Nolan, guest rapping on the next RATM album.