The 5 Best Questions and Answers From Arnold Schwarzenegger’s AMA on Reddit

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This afternoon, the former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, followed in the footsteps of the current President of the United States and did an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. In more badass terms, the f’ing Terminator allowed a few of us puny humans to ask him a few questions.

Unlike when Barack Obama logged on, Reddit didn’t crash this time (they must have upgraded their servers). Schwarzenegger still only stuck around long enough to answer about 20 questions, though, which kind of sucks. There are currently over 11,000 questions and comments in the thread. That’s not exactly a great ratio.

It seems like maybe typing isn’t Arny’s thing, as several of his answers were in the form of screenshots he took of a drawing app on his iPad. (Confused? It will make sense if you read on.)

Still, despite the disappointment that he didn’t get to more questions, some of the stuff Schwarzenegger said was pretty interesting and amusing. Below, we run down his five best answers:


Schwarzenegger only addressed political stuff in two of his answers and this is the more interesting of the two.


As was the prevailing theme in this AMA, Schwarzenegger ignored most of the questions. Still, it’s crazy to see him go from an answer about politics to saying that he regrets passing up the chance to star in an action flick with Sean Connery.


He’s an expert improviser! What comedic timing! (Even if he probably wasn’t trying to be funny.)


Someone had to ask, clearly. It’s good to know the answer to this one once and for all.


A classic Reddit query, masterfully handled by the Governator.

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