Do You Like Fast Women? Danica Patrick Has Officially Filed For Divorce (VIDEO)

Photo: Alan Mermelstein

The rumors are true: Danica Patrick has filed for divorce. She’ll be back on the market, boys, and she’s only 30. After being married for seven years (to a dude 17 years older than her), she submitted her writ of divorcement to the superior court of Arizona on January 3, 2013, stating, “My marriage is irretrievably broken and there is no reasonable prospect of reconciliation.”

Is that code for, “He cheated, I’m done”? Yes, that is mere speculation, but “irretrievably?” Doesn’t that mean you can’t go back to what it once was? Maybe he got sick of the Go Daddy website domain registration stuff, or maybe it was Danica not winning races, and he said something mean, like “You should just stick to selling Internet domains with sex!” And she said, “That’s it! You can’t talk to me like that! This marriage is irretrievably broken, pal!”

The Go Daddy spokeswoman is a feisty one. If you’ve watched much of her driving, she’s pretty good — but not yet great. But where Danica really excels is in being petite and feisty, selling sex-drenched Go Daddy ads and throwing some fantastic temper tantrums. She’s a stomper! You picking up what we’re laying down? She stomps when she’s angry. There’s something oddly attractive about that. Let’s watch her stomp:

And how about a little NSFW (language) action:

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