Grand Theft Train Leads to Spectacular Crash in Sweden (PHOTOS)

A cleaning lady on a Swedish commuter train apparently just couldn’t resist pushing that big, shiny lever.

While tidying up an empty train in the outskirts of Stockholm, it seems the woman succumbed to the temptation to take the idling train for a joyride.

Fittingly, she eventually went off the rails on her crazy train, crashing it at full speed into the kitchen of an apartment building in the Stockholm suburb of Saltsjobaden.

Although the cleaning lady was injured, nobody else even suffered a scratch, which is pretty remarkable given the dramatic pictures from the crash scene, like this:

Swedish train crash

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And this:

While it’s a shame the cleaning lady (who, we can only assume, was not quite right in the head to begin with) was injured, and plenty of property was damaged, there may eventually be a positive offshoot to his calamity.

One of the very few drawbacks of Grand Theft Auto IV was that players could ride the Liberty City train, but not actually commandeer it. Although previous GTA games allowed you to drive trains, they chugged along slowly, always obediently remaining on the tracks.

We hope the gaming gurus at Rockstar have seen the images from the Swedish train crash, because clearly a stolen train can cause some pretty gnarly damage if pushed to full throttle.

Stealing a train in real life: bad. Stealing in a GTA game? Giddy-up!

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