There’s A New Contender For Greatest ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fail of All Time (VIDEO)

You’re a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. The bright studio lights are shining down on you. The studio audience is watching you intently, as are host Pat Sajak and the eternally lovely (and possibly immortal) Vanna White.

This is the puzzle you’re facing:

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Easy, right? You’re going home with thousands of dollars in your wallet — you can feel it.

“I’ll solve the puzzle, Pat. The answer is “I WALK THE LINE BY JOHNNY CASH.”

Of course it is. It’s only one of the most famous songs of all time (going to No. 1 on the Billboard chart, remaining on the chart for nearly a year and selling over two million copies) and the name of a 2005 film that was nominated for five Academy Awards.

The music plays. The streamers fall from the ceiling, or whatever happens when you win on Wheel of Fortune. Vanna kisses you. You whisper your hotel room number in her ear.

It’s a lock that this scenario would play out like this, right?

Not so fast. The puzzle you see above was the puzzle on last night’s episode of the show and one of the contestants flubbed the answer in historic fashion. I don’t use the word “fail” much these days, because it’s kind of played out, but there’s no other word to describe just how much this person blew it.

Check it out:

I have the wine? I HAVE THE WINE?! What can you you really say about that one except holy f’ing yikes. That’s more cringe-inducing than even the most famous fictional Fortune fail.

For the sake of that contestant’s pride, here’s hoping that she had all of the wine before walking on-stage and, thus, doesn’t remember anything that happened.

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