Safe-For-Work Porn is Hilariously Unsexy (Photos)

Most workplaces still frown upon employees viewing porn at the office. Fascists!

But since the Internet is bursting at the seams with smut, it’s practically impossible to avoid finding a wayward booby or interracial midget threesome while innocently Googling for work-related stuff.

The helpful “NSFW” label helps us steer clear of incriminating content, but it also acts like a beacon that tempts us to just have a quick peek.

Thankfully, the good (well, kind of bad) people at PornSFW are giving us the best of both worlds, removing the “N” from “NSFW” and treating us to consequence-free scenes of smut.

But by “cleaning up” and re-contextualizing porn screenshots — apparently using MS Paint or some other laughably rudimentary illustration program — they have replaced full-frontal nudity with full-on hilarity.

Soak it in:

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