Microsoft ‘IllumiRoom’ Video Game Projector Technology: Thumbs Up or Down? (PHOTOS)

The best video games are those that completely immerse the player in the game environment. Tops on that list, IMHO: Far Cry 3, Mass Effect 3, and basically any Elder Scrolls game ever made.

But Microsoft thinks it has a tool that could further enhance this feeling of immersion. It’s called the “IllumiRoom.”

Microsoft is showing off the nifty new tool at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Right now the project is still in its research phase, though if warmly received it could debut sometime after the Redmond, Washington-based company releases its next-generation console, the Xbox 720.

Here’s what the IllumiRoom does: it extends the video game landscape from your television screen to cover the entire room in which you’re playing. To do this, it uses the Kinect peripheral and a projector to effectively paint a picture of the video game world on your walls.

Microsoft developers say the IllumiRoom can be used to “change the appearance of the room, induce apparent motion, extend the field of view, and enable entirely new game experiences.”

You can get an idea of what they mean by checking out these pictures.

The problem with the technology may be its reliance on a projector. Few people actually own or use those things outside of an office environment, meaning Microsoft may be forced to produce a cheap add-on projector peripheral for the Kinect — if a cheap projector is even possible.

So, what do you guys think of this idea? Should Microsoft push forward, or no?

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