Justin Bieber’s Old Bodyguard Is Claiming That Bieber Beat Him Up (Really)

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A former bodyguard of Justin Bieber just proved that he’s either the bravest man on earth or the dumbest man on earth.

Moshe Benabou worked as Bieber’s bodyguard until late 2012 and he’s now suing the polarizing pop star for more than $400,000. The reason? He claims that Bieber beat him up.

Really. This story is not a joke. He said in public — heck, he submitted it in a legal document — that he was beaten up by the perhaps the girliest boy in the history of pop culture.

Once again: a large man who was once in charge of protecting Justin Bieber from crazed tween girls — a man who once allegedly punched a paparazzo so Bieber could get past without his picture being taken — is openly admitting to being beaten up by a person who measures in at what… maybe 5’7″ and 125 pounds (soaking wet) and who looks like this:

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That takes some serious balls.

Benabou’s lawsuit claims that Bieber struck him physically numerous times during an altercation back in October. He also claims that he wasn’t paid overtime, despite regularly working 14- to 18-hour days.

“For nearly two years Mr. Benabou devoted himself completely to ensuring Mr. Bieber’s personal safety,” Benabou’s attorney said in a statement. “[He] deserved, as does any employee, to be treated with respect, dignity and in accordance with the law. Unfortunately, he was not.”

In a related story, Benabou allegedly owes his ex-girlfriend $3,000. So… he might not exactly be the most stable and reliable guy around.

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  1. I love Justin, but he’s no zac efron body wise. If thid guy can’t take a hit from Justin the only thing he should be protecting is an ant, and even THEY don’t need him -_-