Rob Parker Opened His Mouth One Too Many Times, Axed by ESPN

Photo via ESPN

Who knew the phrase “cornball brother” would serve to such detriment?

Rob Parker, an analyst and commentator for the ESPN networks, stopped by the First Take desk in December to debate with Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith and whoever else happens to stop by from time to time.

If you didn’t catch it, here are Parker’s statements that led to the drama: Robert Griffin III, the current face of the NFL, was the talking point. And the subject matter was race.

Watching this telecast live, and relatively early in the morning on the west coast, I had to stop and think, “Did he just call RG3 a ‘cornball brother?'” Before dismissing it as my own hearing issues, Parker was neck deep in his pool of crap, explaining precisely what he meant by the phrase. Had he said that he thought RG3 was a cornball brother, he would have probably walked away relatively unscathed. Instead, he stirred the pot… and kept stirring.

Parker has been no stranger to opening his mouth to say stupid things, but what could the possible outcome be when going this far over the line? Not only did Parker insult RG3’s “blackness,” he insulted his humanity. White fiance? Really!? What year are we living in?

When you watch the video, his fellow debaters immediately interject — with Bayless trying his best to immediately save Parker with a disclaimer. No dice. When someone jumps head first off of a cliff, there’s no bringing them back.

In kind, ESPN immediately suspended Parker and has now chosen not to renew his contract. In short, he’s been fired. At least Parker can stand secure in his “blackness.” Whatever that means.

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