Some Idiots Believe An Alabama ‘A’ Formed During Nick Saban’s Gatorade Bath (PHOTOS)

Photo credit: Joe Rimkus Jr. / Miami Herald

Remember that story about the woman who claimed to see the Virgin Mary’s image in a grilled cheese sandwich? No? Then how about the woman who claimed to see Jesus on the cross in her potato chip? Everyone’s heard some tale, or at least urban legend, about some kind of supernatural image allegedly appearing via divine intervention in a completely mundane place.

Take the intellect and sanity of those two women we just mentioned, divide what you get by a thousand and you still end up with a more impressive — and more believable — result than the story you’re about to read.

On the heels of Alabama’s total destruction of Notre Dame in last night’s BCS Championship Game, some Bama fans are now claiming divine forces were at play. Apparently, God isn’t a fan of Notre Dame and everything holy about that program. Instead, He’s a Bama fan.

The evidence? This GIF of Alabama players giving coach Nick Saban the time-honored tradition of a Gatorade bath:

Credit: ESPN

See anything supernatural there? Anything that would suggest the existence of an almighty being with the time to get involved with college football games that are already over?

If not, chances are that you’re a sane and rational human being.

But if you answered yes, then you probably see what some Bama fans claim to see: something that kind of looks like an Alabama “A” logo briefly take shape in the lower left of the photo.

Here’s another couple of looks at it that are clearer:

Photo via Twitter

Photo via

Sure, it kind of looks like an “A” logo. But if you splash an infinite amount of Gatorade on an infinite number of successful-but-scared-to-go-back-to-the-NFL-where-the-big-boys-compete coaches, I suppose you’ll eventually create the complete set of trademarked visual identities of all SEC teams — or however that theorem goes.

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