7 Simple Tech Hacks to Make Your Life Easier and Better

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When you think about it, we 21st century humans have it pretty good. It’s safe to say that our generation has it better than every generation in human history. We have machines that can brew us coffee in seconds, chairs that massage our backs and access to the entirety of human knowledge at our fingers.

Still, annoyances in life remain. We still have to clean ourselves and our residences. We still have to get up and walk to the fridge to get a beer. We still have to actually find the remote and press a button when we want to change the channel. Where the heck are the robot butlers to do all these things for us?

Below, we outline seven easy life hacks that you can do to make your life a little bit easier. We’re not talking about the cutesy “life hacks” your girlfriend pins on Pinterest — you’ll find nothing about storing extra wrapping paper in paper towel tubes or putting pantyhose over your vacuum cleaner to find the earrings you dropped. Instead, we’re going to focus on specific, tech-related things you can do to make your life more convenient and, thus, better. They won’t get a beer for you, but they’re a start.

7. Make a shortcut so you don’t have to type your email over and over

Typing out your email address every time you want to sign into a web service is annoying — and it’s even worse on your phone, where the @ symbol isn’t included on the primary keyboard. Bypass this annoying by creating a shortcut on your phone that allows you to enter your email address in just a few short characters.

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6. Stop receiving marketing emails by filtering by the word “unsubscribe”

Sick of companies that seem to have a plethora of marketing email tools? Create a filter that automatically deletes any email with the word “unsubscribe” in it. This will save you the time of having to actually unsubscribe to all these emails.

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5. Create the ultimate phone password by including a letter with an accent

Prevent your friends and family from ever being able to guess the password for your phone by using an accented letter like ñ or é. To access these letters on an iPhone, just hold down on the letter until the accented versions of that letter pop up.


4. Make a quick and easy iPhone speaker out of a toilet paper roll

You’re hanging out with your friends and want to listen to some tunes, but no one has any speakers. Your phone’s speakers are pathetically quiet, but you can amplify them with an item found in every home: a toilet paper roll. Just cut a small hole for your phone and build a stand for the cardboard to sit on (so it isn’t touching the ground). Instant speakers.

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3. Keep your coffee warm as you work

Sick of having your coffee go cold in the morning as you work (or check Twitter) at your desk? There’s an easy solution — provided you use a Mac or a laptop with a power adapter that gets hot. Just stick your coffee on top of the adapter and enjoy the extended warmness. Just be sure not to spill it all over your computer!

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2. Create the ultimate morning playlist to get out of the house on time

Figure out exactly how much time you have to get ready in the morning before you need to be on the road and reverse engineer a playlist for this time. Start with calm, relaxing music and gradually ramp up the intensity. As you go about your morning routine, you’ll be able to listen to the music and know roughly how much time you have left before you need to leave the house.

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1. Clean your keyboard with a post-it note

This last one is pretty self-explanatory. Run the sticky side of a post-it between the keys in your keyboard to collect dust, crumbs and whatever other disgusting crap got in there.

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