Escalator Goes Backwards and It’s Funny, But Some People Got Hurt (VIDEO)

Photo credit: New Line Cinema

Without any warning, a large escalator in Jersey City’s Exchange Place PATH station suddenly reversed course earlier today, leaving many of the people riding it in a bit of a bind.

You’re on an escalator going up and then suddenly you’re going down. What do you do? Do you try to fight the direction of the escalator’s rotation and make it to the top via sheer physical strength or do you just stand still and let it take you back to where you came from (and then wait for it to be fixed)?

It’s not exactly a life or death question, but it’s also not really an issue that anyone ever has to face (since when do escalators change direction mid-use?), so it’s one that no one is prepared for. Apparently, it was perplexing enough that it caused some people to scream out in terror and have absolutely no idea how to proceed when it actually happened to them.

Despite the screams, the whole thing is pretty humorous. Check out the video:

Five people were hurt, according to the New York Times, but only in the sense of bumps and bruises. Don’t expect this story to be spun off into some kind of Deathscalator horror movie franchise — but don’t put it past Hollywood, either.

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