McDonald’s is Giving Chicken Wings Another Go

Photo by Todd Brock

After a successful 2011 test run in Atlanta, McDonald’s is said to be strongly considering additional diversification of its fried chicken line. They gave us the McNugget, they gave us McBites, they gave us multiple bouts of indigestion — now they’re considering “Mighty Wings.”

I really don’t want to venture a guess as to why they’d be called Mighty Wings… but I will. Yes, I’m sure Grimace would suggest it’s because they’re mighty tasty, but that thing’s namesake is one of the most uncomfortable facial expressions in the English language. It’s still hard to trust guys like Grimace and the Hamburglar, even if they are just “role-playing” villains.

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion these things are called Mighty Wings because they are from mighty chickens — chickens that have been pumped full of more growth and performance hormones than a Tour de France victor. They may even be The Matrix chickens.

The second Mighty Wing test market identified by McDonald’s will be the greater Chicago metropolitan area. We’ll have to pay close attention to see if there is any correlation in McDonald’s chicken wings and a drop (or rise) in the Chicago murder rate.

It makes sense that McDonald’s is looking to milk the chicken wing cash cow. Everyone is doing it. Chicken wings have become the more lucrative chicken parts offered by chicken farmers (we’re using the term “farmers” loosely here). The traditional, boned wing brings in more coin per pound than the previously preferred chicken breast.

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