Andrew Bynum Called Out RG3 For Having Wack Hair, Incredibly

According to Philadelphia 76ers small forward Evan Turner, teammate Andrew Bynum criticized Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III’s hair in his post-game media session last night.

Turner provided no further details about what Bynum said about RG3’s hair or why he would say anything at all, posting only the following tweet:

The real issue here isn’t what Bynum said about Griffin’s ‘do, though, nor is it what anyone else has to say about RG3’s hair (which he wears in relatively plain, if slightly unkempt, braids). The issue isn’t even why an NBA athlete would say anything at all about an NFL player in his post-game interview.

The issue here is that Andrew Bynum is apparently making public statements in which he comments on the hair game of fellow athletes. Andrew Bynum!

This is the same Andrew Bynum whose hair looked like this only a few short months ago:

Photo via @cjzero on Twitter

This is the same Andrew Bynum who recently braided his hair like this:

Photo via @girllovessports on Twitter

This is the same Andrew Bynum whose dirty ‘fro once looked like this:

Photo via

Obviously, this is not a person in any place to be criticizing the hair of others.

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