Aeroscraft Airship is a Perfect Meld of Past, Present and Future (VIDEO)

Photo via Aeroscraft

The prototype Aeroscraft Airship is progressing. According to the genius minds at Aeroscraft, it is capable of hauling three times more cargo than the world’s largest military planes. This project, funded by the United States military, boasts world-changing aspirations in the realm of transport, modern warfare and of course, tourism. Who wouldn’t wanna ride in one of these things?

I hear what you’re asking: Isn’t that just a blimp? Sure. It’s a rigid aircraft reliant on hydrogen for lift, but it’s not really a blimp, a plane or a hovercraft — it’s all three. The modern blimps, many of which are built by Aeroscraft, require the use of grounds crews, as well as ballasts that are reliant on water as cargo is unloaded. This keeps the blimp from floating away. The Aeroscraft Airship, possesses an internal ballast — it can literally hover as cargo is unloaded. Amazing. It takes off vertically, and is capable of traveling at speeds of 120 knots.

The Aeroscraft Airship (the prototype flagship, dubbed the Dream Dragon, can be seen in a short, cheesy video below) will be twice the size of what you see in the video. Sure, it’s based on similar principles of flight as the blimps and zeppelins of yesteryear, but available technology offers the Aeroscraft more potential than any “floating” aircraft before it.

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