Speaking of Bad Ideas, Ashton Kutcher Will Portray Steve Jobs in an Upcoming Movie

According to reports, veteran actor Ashton Kutcher — know for such serious dramas as “Two and a Half Men,” “That 70s Show,” and “Punk’d,” — stars as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in an upcoming film about the tech icon’s life.

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Those reports indicate that the film, which is being made by Open Road Films and Five Star Feature Films, will be called called jOBS and will hit theaters in April 2013.

jOBS will follow Steve Jobs’ life from 1971 through the year 2000. It will investigate Jobs’ role in founding Apple, his temporary departure from the company, and the establishment of NeXT and Pixar.

The movie will conclude as Jobs returns to Apple and helps with the release of the iconic iPod digital media player.

The film is set to premier later this month at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. Aside from Kutcher, other stars include Matthew Modine and Josh Gad.

This isn’t the only film about Steve Jobs’ life that’s currently in production, however. Aaron Sorkin, best known for creating White House drama The West Wing and The Social Network, is reportedly working on a film that focuses on Jobs’ part in the development of the first Macintosh computer, the NeXT computer, and the iPod.

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a worse fit for the role than Ashton Kutcher. How about Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Ben Affleck, or Matt Damon? Even Bradley Cooper would have been a better choice.

Which actor would you put in the role? Comment below. Please don’t say Kutcher.

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  1. Perhaps you were asleep a few months ago when all the other bloggers were saying this. In early December I saw someone that saw an early preview saying Kutcher isn’t bad in the role at all.