World’s Hottest Curry Makes Doctor Hallucinate (But He Finishes It Anyway)

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A British doctor has become the first person on earth to finish The Widower, a preposterously spicy curry dish at Bindi Restaurant in Lincolnshire, U.K.

It was probably a bad idea.

Dr. Ian Rothwell, a 55-year-old cardiologist who should know better than to abuse his body like that, took longer than an hour to finish the dish, during which time he reportedly suffered hallucinations (and probably heard trippy sitar music, whether any was actually playing in the restaurant or not).

The recipe for the Widower — a dish 300 people have tried and failed to consume before Rothwell’s successful attempt — is diabolical. It contains 20 Naga Infinity Chillis, which are among the hottest things on planet Earth. Police-grade pepper spray burns hotter, but barely.

hottest curry on earth

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The Widower is said to rank at roughly 6 million Scoville units — the universal measure of spiciness — which means it is several-million times more scorching than Tabasco sauce.

The chef at Bindi is required to wear rubber gloves and a protective mask while preparing The Widower, and most customers can barely endure a tiny spoonful, let alone the giant cauldron in which it’s served.

Although he had to take a walk for “fresh air” halfway through his meal (more likely to squish the thousands of spiders he believed were crawling under his skin), Rothwell ate every last morsel.

Here’s what happened next:

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