New Year’s Eve Train Wreck Is Awesomely Awful (VIDEO)

New Year's Train wreck

Image via YouTube

Live television is always a bit of a gamble. Even the best-laid plans can be thrown awry by an unexpected technical snafu, a malfunctioning set piece or a jittery performer.

The worst-laid plans for live television, therefore, are pretty much doomed to fail — and fail hard.

Such was the case during a live New Year’s Eve “party” (more like a surreal, obscene funeral) broadcast Monday night on KDOC-TV in southern California. It started out bad and went downhill from there.

Hosted by D-Grade comic Jamie Kennedy and sentient cleavage Shannon Elizabeth, the so-called party was an angry and discombobulated affair that rang in 2013 not with a bang, but with an f-bomb (or three).

At one point Kennedy asks: “Where’s the stage manager?” Judging by the fiasco, there wasn’t one.

Viewers were subjected to a clearly intoxicated Macy Gray rambling incoherently and “singing” (a generous description), copious swearing by a washed-up hip hop band, a racist joke about vaginas, and general stupidity all around.

As if to put an exclamation point on the entire train wreck, a fight broke out onstage as the broadcast finally, mercifully went off the air.

Lucky for us, a keen-eyed viewer pared the ordeal down to just the best/worst bits and posted it to YouTube. Prepare to cringe:

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