Pennsylvania Governor Suing NCAA on Behalf of Penn State Athletics

Photo Credit: Associated Press

We like to keep it lighthearted here at Manolith, but from time to time, we must deliver a much-needed verbal beatdown.

This time, the recipient of our wrath is the organization responsible for governing (and holding back) collegiate sports in the USofA: the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett will file an anti-trust lawsuit against the NCAA today, on behalf of the state of Pennsylvania and Penn State University. This suit is for the benefit of the athletic department and its sanctioned teams and athletes.

I have no desire to paint this with a rosy tint. this has nothing (and everything) to do with the crimes committed on Penn State property by former PSU football coach Jerry Sandusky. Having been stated, the NCAA stepped beyond its jurisdiction to punish the entire university.

The NCAA, as a whole, seemingly operates in the realm of corporate narcissism, designed to ensure maximum profit — to feed itself. The organization does this behind the guise of bettering the collegiate experience for student athletes.

Thousands of athletes play under NCAA rules and regulations, many of whom will never see a dime of scholarship money for their love and enjoyment of sport. Because of the NCAA’s fear of elite, high-profile athletes making easy money like Kim Kardashian (that is, making money like the NCAA), all athletes are held to blanket standards within any given division (NCAA D-I, II or III).

This is unfair, and it makes the college experience an outright struggle for some student athletes who desire to play their sport of choice while they’re young and able-bodied.

I could rant about the NCAA (with personal examples) for hours, but this is about how the NCAA shamelessly overstepped its bounds by placing sanctions on a state-funded institution based on the crimes of a single man.

The argument can be made that others were/are guilty by association — for being accessories. Regardless, in the realm of sports governed by the NCAA, what rules were violated the university or any one of the sports teams? None.

The NCAA has no jurisdiction to punish any person or institution for crimes committed in defiance of state and/or federal law. Nevertheless, the NCAA heavily sanctioned the entirety of Pennsylvania State University athletic programs, and fined the university $60,000,000.00. Sixty. Million. Dollars. This is profiteering, and the reason why Corbett’s lawsuit is a necessity for the future of elite college sports in America.

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