10 Surreal Christopher Walken Dance Scenes (VIDEOS)

Christopher Walken

Photo via blog.koldcast.tv

To many, Christopher Walken is best known as an unnervingly intense, googly-eyed Hollywood villain with an unmistakable voice that he occasionally uses to demand “more cowbell.”

For those only acquainted with his acting roles, Walken’s twinkle-toed performance in the video for Fatboy Slim‘s “Weapon of Choice” — during which Walken twirls and leaps and sashays through an empty hotel — came as a bit of a shock.

What plenty of people don’t realize, though, is that Walken is a classically trained dancer who has strutted his stuff in more than two dozen films and videos.

Random unrelated factoid: Walken was also a lion tamer during his teen years.

Despite his classical training and undeniably smooth moves, there’s always something hallucinogenic about Walken’s dance performances. Perhaps it’s his deadpan visage and thousand-yard stare, or maybe it’s the knowledge that he’ll probably be killing someone in a subsequent scene.

Judge for yourself: here are some of the best/creepiest moments of Walken busting a move.

10. Wayne’s World 2

9. Pennies from Heaven

8. King of New York

7. Search and Destroy

6. The Stepford Wives

5. Hairspray

4. Sarah Plain and Tall

3. Joe Dirt

2. Puss in Boots

1. Of course, Weapon of Choice


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