Jadeveon Clowney Offers Biggest Hit of Bowl Season (VIDEO)

It doesn’t matter what happens in the remainder of the NCAA Bowl Games. Jadeveon Clowney has already offered “the hit” of the 2012-2013 NCAA Football season.

Before you enjoy this delicious morsel, allow me to quickly introduce you to the star of the video, and set the stage.

Clowney finished sixth in Heisman voting. Still, most have never seen him play, or have only heard his name. His defensive end skill set is super-human. As a sophomore, he had 13 sacks in 12 games, playing against the best competition in college football. He stands at 6’6″, and is still growing larger, presently at 250 lbs. Did I mention he’s still only 19!? He turns 20 in February of this year.

The play prior to the video, officials measured the placement of a Michigan 4th down attempt, which came up short. You can see the measurement in the photo below.

Image via CBSSports.com

Somehow, the officials saw it differently than the rest of humanity watching the game — Michigan was awarded a first down. South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier launched into a pointed, verbal barrage toward the inept officiating crew. Clowney took note…and then this happened.

Holy helmet manufacturer! I screamed like a little girl watching this live — it looked like the Michigan player’s head came off.

Jadeveon Clowney playing more college ball in 2013? Oh yeah, it’s happening.

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