Best New Year’s Day Hangover Cures

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Mass quantities of alcohol are synonymous with ringing in the new year. Unfortunately, the alcohol is also synonymous with making your head ring for the next 18-24 hours.

If your eyes are struggling to focus on these words, and you’re hoping for a little hangover relief, we’re going to do you a favor and cut to the chase.

The only actual cure for a hangover is to flip the script on the damage done to your body. Because of the delicious decadence you’ve been ingesting throughout the holiday season, you’re fighting an uphill battle…overloaded on sugary, acidic foods and beverages. Add to all of that a December 31st of overindulgence, and you’re a vat of dehydrated, physiological funk.


For those brave enough to do what’s necessary to really cure a hangover, forget treating the symptoms and hit the problem at the root. You need to hydrate your body. Water may be the furthest thing from your mind when it comes to curing a hangover, but it’ll be the key for returning to normalcy.


Gatorade, sports drinks or even the children’s drink, Pedialyte, will serve to hydrate your innards — your brain in particular. Do not drink energy drinks like Red Bull. Yeah, they may make you feel better short-term, but will only serve to prolong the hangover. Obviously, you wouldn’t be able to chug these things with your symptoms, but carry it with you, and put a couple ounces into your body every few minutes.


A great option for injecting some energy back into your hungover machine: B vitamin stress complex. This will come in the form of a single pill, and one-a-day will do ya, even when you’re dealing with the hangover. With those vitamin(s), you’re going to need some food on your stomach so the B vitamins can most efficiently turn it into hangover fighting fuel. Your body will suggest that you’re not hungry, but that’s because you’ve abused it. You’re hungry — you’ve been without sustenance for hours.

Quality Food

Never has there been a better time to eat healthy. Quick fixes like burgers and fries might inject a little “I feel better” into your personage, but you can actually make the effect of the hangover stick around longer. Eating high fiber fruits with bland pairings like bread and potatoes will help to settle your stomach, and move the body toward the inevitable and necessary purge. If you want to try something hearty, try eggs, toast and hash browns.

A Few Other Hangover Aids

Ginger – It’ll help your stomach settle. You can boil ginger root in water and use it to make tea.
Milk Thistle – Your liver, which is probably in revolt, will benefit from this flowering plant in pill form.
Coconut Water – Better health than Gatorade with similar results.
Take a Walk – You probably won’t want to do this, but take your coconut water, Gatorade or a granola bar and enjoy a brisk walk. Stir the physiological funk so the body can purge most effectively. Digestion is better than regurgitation.

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