64 Reasons to Hate The Avengers (VIDEO)

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We here at Manolith recently compiled a tally of our favorite and least-favorite things of 2012. It was no small feat for a group of guys whose collective attention span is shorter than, um, damn — lost my train of thought there.

Anyway, while some categories proved painfully difficult to decide (Justin Bieber had so many songs, so how does one possibly narrow it down to the worst?), one category was a no-brainer.

Most hated movie: The Avengers. At the urging of friends and family, whose recommendations I shall henceforth ignore, I watched with high expectations this interminable tantrum of noise and color and hamfisted dialogue.

The most disappointing part is that I really, really wanted to enjoy it. I made popcorn and everything.

Instead, I suffered through what felt like 10 hours of dumbening because I optimistically, foolishly assumed it would somehow redeem itself in the end.

For months, I thought I was alone in hating The Avengers. Everybody else seemed to love it. When pressed to explain why I disliked it so much, I replied that there were too many reasons to succinctly summarize.

Now, thankfully, someone else has beautifully summarized all the reasons. All 64 of them:

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2 Responses to 64 Reasons to Hate The Avengers (VIDEO)

  1. I haven’t watched the video yet, but from the screenshot I can see that the first complaint is about Loki not killing Iron Man outright. Do they realize this movie is based on a comic book? That’s how comic-book villains work… especially the really powerful ones. They are overconfident to a fault, and it is usually their undoing. You may as well complain that spider-man wears stupid-looking tights.

    • Yeah, and it’s completely consistent with everything we’ve seen of his character, both in Thor and the beginning of the movie. . .Loki likes an audience. He basically will monologue to anyone who stands still long enough.