Led Zeppelin Honored at Kennedy Center, Ann and Nancy Wilson Kill “Stairway to Heaven” (VIDEO)

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(And when I say kill “Stairway to Heaven,” I mean that in the best of ways!)

Gentlemen, are you well-versed in all things Led Zeppelin? Do you regularly get the “Led” out?  If you love music, and you’re unfamiliar, it’s time to become educated. It’s time to enter the fold — to be welcomed into the “Houses of The Holy.” Led Zeppelin is the greatest rock ‘n roll band of all time. Forget The Rolling Stones, their stuff is like watered down Kool-Aid in comparison. And The Beatles? You can’t deny the weak link — sorry, Ringo.

Regardless of the continuous debate, Led Zeppelin was finally offered their rainbow ribbon medals as part of the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors.

Knowing that you were probably doing anything but watching the Kennedy Center Honors when it aired on December 26th (the ceremony took place in early December), I felt it necessary to share the following. Several contemporary rockers honored Led Zeppelin by playing some of the classic hits (which song isn’t a classic?), but around the 14 minute mark in the video, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, take the stage with Jason Bonham, the son of former Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham, to throttle the greatest rock ballad of all time, “Stairway to Heaven.”

John Bonham’s death in 1980 served as the end of the band known as Led Zeppelin. Bonham died of asphyxiation, after choking on his own vomit, the result of some 40 shots of vodka. The three remaining remembers, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones have played together with Bonham’s son, but they never entered a studio to write or record as Led Zeppelin again.

Zeppelin’s stuff is so good even a novice can turn heads when sitting down to play it.

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