Apparently We’ll Be Piloting Fighter Planes and Submarines in GTA V – New Screenshots Released

Rockstar Games has treated its fans to a handful of new screenshots from its highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto V. The shots were posted to Rockstar’s own blog under the title “Happy Holidays — Enjoy.”

The screenshots all point to some crazy new gameplay elements.

The first shot shows what appears to be a scuba diver dangerously close to a very large shark, indicating that some missions may take players underwater.

The second screenshot shows a guy driving around a convertible with a menacing-looking dog sitting in the front seat. San Andreas gave us girlfriends and wardrobes — will GTA V give us pets, too?

The third shot, which shows a yellow submarine, is arguably the most fascinating. Here’s hoping the device allows us to shoot stuff that’s submerged, somehow.

The fourth screenshot looks like a cinematic and features a jetliner next to a fighter craft. Hey, if we get a chance to pilot either — even for five minutes — that will be really cool.

It’s possible this is one major step in the direction of including all previous GTA cities in a game and then connecting them by aircraft transportation.

The last screenshot gives us another look at the game’s main characters. It’s not exactly significant; at least, not be comparison to the other screenshots.

It’s still not clear exactly when GTA V will become available. All we know right now is that the open-world game will be released sometime during the spring of 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Unfortunately for Wii U and PC users, it doesn’t appear there are any formal plans to release the game for those two platforms.

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  1. Rockstar has confirmed that there’s flyable jets and underwater exploration in the game, guys.