Ben Affleck is Not Running For Office (VIDEO)

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

With Hillary Clinton leaving her position as Secretary of State, and Massachusetts Senator John Kerry being tapped for the open position, it only makes sense to assume that Kerry’s successor would be actor and director Ben Affleck, right?

Wait, what?

You read that right. Rumors are swirling that Affleck is considering a run for the soon-to-be open senate seat in Massachusetts.

It’s not going to happen, people.

Why would anyone with wealth and power run for political office? To make a difference? To serve the public? If you’re wealthy, you can serve others with less red tape and more immediate results. That’s pretty much what Daredevil himself said on Facebook:

“I love Massachusetts and our political process, but I am not running for office. Right now it’s a privilege to spend my time working with Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), supporting our veterans, drawing attention to the great many who go hungry in the U.S. everyday and using filmmaking to entertain and foster discussion about issues like our relationship to Iran.

We are about to get a great Secretary of State and there are some phenomenal candidates in Massachusetts for his Senate seat. I look forward to an amazing campaign.

Happy Holidays to All.”

In other words: Why the f*** would I want to be a United States Senator when I do whatever I want, whenever I want!? (I chose to use the F-bomb, because Ben uses it so frequently, and so effectively. Not because he’s angry about anything.)

In a perfect world, maybe Affleck would run for and win a Senate seat. I bet he would handle his business much like he did in the past:

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