Will the Jets Make a Move for Michael Vick?

Photo via Elite Daily

The New York Jets allegedly want Michael Vick.

Considering the widespread dysfunction within the Jets franchise, it’s understandable that the brass would be grasping at straws at this point — and Vick is an alluring straw, if one that never really reached his full potential and probably never will.

Yet, if you’re a Jets fan, or someone interested in more league parity, isn’t it time for the franchise to focus on acquiring a results-oriented quarterback rather than a big name with undelivered promise? Or, better yet, legitimately developing some young talent?

Others have probably said it, but I’m boldly stating it right here, right now: Michael Vick would be better off moving to slot receiver or strong safety on the Eagles than playing quarterback for the Jets. If he plays behind center for the Jets, he’s going to a team with an offensive line worse than the one that nearly got him killed in Philly. As Jets quarterback, he’d wind up with a head full of oatmeal.

Regardless of whether there’s any truth to this “Vick to the Jets” chatter, the rumors always start to swirl early for teams that won’t be making the playoffs. If you’re anything like me, you find this incredibly annoying — a real effort at grandstanding — which is not uncharacteristic of the Jets during the Rex “We’re Gonna Win the Super Bowl” Ryan regime. No you’re not, Rex. You aren’t… ever… going to win the Super Bowl as a head coach.

And if Ryan is fortunate enough to keep his job, and Michael Vick comes in? More mediocrity. Count on it, Jets fans.

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