The 10 Best ‘Apocalypse Fail’ Memes of 2012

So it’s Dec. 21 and we’re all still alive. Just as those living in Australia and New Zealand found out first yesterday, the world isn’t ending, despite all the predictions. The Mayans were wrong. REM was wrong. John Cusack was wrong.

In a way, it’s all a bit disappointing. What do we have to look forward to now? Life? Lame. The end of the world would have been so exciting! Also pretty horrible, probably, but what a thrill-ride it would have been at the beginning.

I guess one thing we have to fall back on is memes. The same culture that allowed many of us to get swept in end-of-the-world excitement will now allow us to mock that very excitement.

Below are the best of the “It’s Dec. 21 and I’m still here” memes:

10. Hipster Australian is too cool for this stuff:

9. Confession Bear admits that he kind of wanted the world to end, just because it would have been interesting:

8. Philosoraptor provides a shred of hope for any true believers still out there:

7. Conspiracy Keanu realizes something more may be afoot:

6. Success Kid takes advantage of the situation like only Success Kid can:

5. [10] Guy is a bit confused about how dying works:

4. Am I The Only One Around Here Guy is the only one around here to pay attention to a calendar event other than the end of the world:

3. Ancient Aliens Guy insists that the world actually did end and we’re all being lied to by the government:

2. Grumpy Cat is very disappointed:

1. The original Grumpy Cat, Comic Book Store Guy, echoes that same sentiment:

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