The Best Games for Your New iPad Mini

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So, you’ve just scored a brand new iPad Mini. Awesome. But it’s not as if you’re going to use that thing to study or work or do things that contribute to society. No, it’s time to figure out which video games you should download.

Here’s a list of my top five iPad Mini games.

5. Words with Friends

Words with Friends is basically a social media-based version of the timeless Scrabble board game. Not only does it allow you to play with friends over the Interweb, but the boards constantly change, adding a new dynamic to every game.

This is one of the most popular social media games out there, and for good reason.



4. Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP

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This epic puzzle game allows you to move a 2D avatar around a surprisingly lush world. Featuring remarkable audio and visuals, Sword and Sworcery is a truly unique experience that boasts a seriously engaging storyline. Think of it as a shrunken-down Skyrim for your iPad Mini. However, do note that this one is more about solving puzzles and exploring a lush, open world than hacking and slashing at enemies.




3. Fruit Ninja HD

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If you’re looking for something with sufficient hack-and-slash gameplay, check out Fruit Ninja HD. Players swipe the touchscreen display to slash their way through fruit, cutting your way through watermelons, oranges, etc. It might sound like a bit of a bore, but once the game starts throwing bombs your way, things get interesting and challenging really fast.

Fruit Ninja HD isn’t exactly new, but it remains one of the best uses of the iPad touchscreen out there.


2. Angry Birds HD

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Ah, the iconic Angry Birds. Did you know they’re building a theme park dedicated to this game in Finland? There’s a reason for that — this is one seriously fun little game and it’s taken the world by storm. Gameplay is simpl, but very addictive: just use your finger to slingshot your Angry Birds at nasty green piggies protected by all sorts of rickety structures. Once you’ve destroyed all the piggies, you move on.

The game has evolved as more and more people get addicted to its gameplay. The best new version of Angry Birds is arguably Angry Birds Star Wars. Definitely worth checking out.


1. Smash Cops Heat

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Smash Cops Heat blends gameplay elements from several great franchises, including Grand Theft Auto, Burnout, and Need for Speed. The gameplay is simple, though addictive: as a police officer, you engage in high-speed pursuits to catch the bad guys. Using the touchscreen controls, you navigate city streets and attempt to smash criminals off the road. Wickedly fun power-ups are offered to help you take down the fastest crooks. Featuring some of the best graphics on the iPad Mini, this one is definitely worth a download. What are you waiting for? Head over to the App Store right now!

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  1. My what an absolutely impressive list of the stalest, popular, and replicated generic group of games. non possessing any distinct appeal or advantage in thier mini version than could be said for virtually any other game . We can all look at the top charts ON our iPads, and as much of an angry birds fan I’ve been, I can barely stomach looking at the icon and seeing those ubiquitous birds I saw thirty seven times at the grocery store on everything from towels to candy to aaarrgghh! Bravo for managing to create a nearly flawless example of the laziest top games for iPad list humanly possible.

  2. Brandon Dimmel
    Brandon Dimmel says:

    So, if someone got an Xbox 360 for Christmas, they should ignore Halo, Gears of War, and Forza Horizon?

  3. No….they should buy Halo, Gears of War, (what is this)—>Forza Horizon<—(what is this) Indie or otherwise, games that make it into a list from 1-10 are credited as being either the top most stunning or the top "this music is just so awesome and independent that this game must be so good for all that money that I paid for it with" list. But this article…I don't know man–It seems to be lacking a few big hits here and there. Wha'happened?